Container Storage Options

Secure Container Storage

Affordable and Spacious: Our primary offering in Candler, NC, is the 8x10x9.5′ Container Storage, priced competitively at $125/month. Ideal for a variety of needs, these containers ensure secure and ample space for your valuables.

Custom Container Storage Solutions

Tailored for You: Whether for personal or business use, our Custom Container Storage Solutions are adaptable to your specific requirements. We specialize in creating storage spaces that perfectly fit your residential or commercial needs. More details from our sister company ->

Container Homes & Office Spaces

Eco-Friendly and Innovative: Explore our unique Container Homes & Buildings. These sustainable, cost-effective alternatives are perfect for those seeking a non-traditional living or working space, crafted with both functionality and design in mind. More details from our sister company ->

Container Leasing & Sales

In addition to storage and customization, we offer a wide range of Container Leasing & Sales options. Our inventory includes a variety of types to suit different purposes. Delivery & Setup is Available.

Our Inventory:

20′ Standard Containers

Ideal for most storage needs, offering a balance of space and manageability.

20′ Double Doors Containers

Providing access from both ends, these containers offer flexibility for loading and unloading goods.

20′ Open Side Containers

Perfect for items that require side access, these containers offer ease of access and versatility.

40′ Standard Containers

Suitable for larger storage needs, providing ample space for bulkier items.

40′ High-Cube Containers

Offering additional height, these are ideal for storing taller items or when extra volume is required.

40′ Double Doors Containers

These provide convenient access from both ends, making them perfect for frequent access needs.

40′ Open Side Containers

Offering full side access, these containers are suitable for unique storage needs where side loading is beneficial.